A smart och preventive company health care

Right efforts at the right time to prevent illness and avoid health problems.

    1—Examination and survey

    We will perform a health check on your employees for early detection of health risks. With digital health checks, a blood test, and control of blood pressure and ECG, we examine your workplace's physical and mental health and the psychosocial and organizational work environment.

    The questionnaires in the digital health check are based on international well-studied research, and a licensed nurse always performs the physical examinations.

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    2—Health concierge and care matching

    Employees with a detected risk of ill health will receive personal feedback from our nurses or doctors to review the results and potential measures to improve health together with the employee.

    In the conversations, we always start from existing occupational health care and insurance already in place in your organization, alternatively primary care or various digital solutions. The goal is to bring about a change in behavior to create sustainable health over time.

    3—Health advice and self-help programs

    When our medical staff has analyzed the results, employees get access to their results by logging in on onelab.se

    Based on the results, employees receive customized recommendations with programs, articles, and exercises to improve their health. In addition, all employees can book a health consultation with a nurse when it suits them.

    4—Data-driven insights and trends for HR and managers

    HR and managers access reports with an overall result of the health, and where in the organization the health risks exits. With data-driven insights based on your results, you get customized recommendations on efforts that can help you prevent ill health in your organization.

    You can see history and trends and filter the results on various parameters to compare the results between, for example, different departments or offices.

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