A smart och preventive company health care

Using smart and flexible health examinations we can map the well-being of your employees as well as any risks that might exist in your work environment. By discovering health risks in an early stage we can prevent illness and health issues by implementing appropriate remedies.

    1-Examination and survey

    We collect relevant data about your employees to investigate the well-being of your organisation and to be able to identify what health risks that exists. Our tests are based on proven and validated research and can detect both the psychosocial and organizational work environment as well as the physical and mental health among your employees.

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    2-Risk assessment and active follow-up

    Employees showing a risk for illness receives personal feedback from our experts to help them find the care that will improve their well-being. We primary refer to existing company healthcare and insurances already put in place, alternatively primary care or various digital solutions. The goal is to create a behavior change to ensure a sustainable health over time.

    3-Data driven health insights

    The results are presented in an educational way in your own health portal where you can easily see in which areas there are risks of ill health. Based on the data-driven insights we gain about your organization's health, we give you customized recommendations and action proposals for initiatives that increase the well-being of the organization.

    All employees have access to their own results in our digital tool and we offer advice with health experts for both your employees and managers.

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