We help companies create healthy and sustainable workplaces

With the right health efforts at the right time, we create the conditions for a sustainable future. For people, businesses, and society.

    With OneLab you get

    • A smart and modern company healthcare

      Digital tools that facilitate your systematic efforts for a better work environment. We take care of the entire process, resulting in more time for you focus on your core business.

    • Individualised measures for an increased health

      Health counselling with our nurses and doctors that give you a unique possibility for changes in behaviour to establish a sustainable health over time.

    • A healthy, productive and sustainable workplace

      Employees in good health perform better and contributes to create a sustainable company and an attractive place to work.

    1 in 3 experience illness associated to work

    A new research from Arbetsmiljöverket shows that every third employee experience health issues associated to work and that the illness in workplaces keeps growing. Working actively for a good and health reinforcing work environment is therefore more important than ever to create conditions for a sustainable and healthy workplace.

    Detects early signs of ill health

    By examining the health of your employees, we can detect early signs of ill health and map any health risks in your organization.

    Early detection of health risks, creates conditions to find the measures that will have the most significant impact and relevant tools for working with preventive health work.

    How OneLab works

    Professional support for employees

    We provide professional support to your employees, whether we have identified a health risk or if something happens in life that requires extra support.

    Your employees can book an appointment for health advice or digital health support whenever they want, and we have collected digital tools for self-help in our app.

    How OneLab works

    Do you want to know more about how we can help you create conditions for a sustainable health for your employees?