A smart company healthcare in a modern health portal

By combining digital and smart tools with expertise from our own medical staff, we transform complex health data into concrete and relevant health initiatives.

    Smart tools for employers

    With our modern health portal, you and your organization get a smart tool that helps you with the systematic work environment and the preventive health work in your organization. You get, in a simple and educational way, an overview of how the health of the organization and in which areas there is a risk of illness.

    • Health risks and history

      See the greatest health risks, how they are distributed among the employees and follow the health in organization over time.
    • Recommendations and support

      Get recommendations and support from our medical staff who will help you create a positive behavior change within the organization and improve the health of your employees.
    • Filter and comparison

      Identify where in the organization the health is located by filtering on different parameters and comparing the results between departments and work groups.

    A personal health profile for all employees

    Through their own health profile, all employees have access to their own results and recommendations and can book an appointment for health counseling with our medical staff.

    • Track your health and see health risks

      All employees get insight into their possible health risks and can track their health over time.
    • Feedback and health counseling with our medical staff

      Instant feedback on identified health risks and the opportunity for health counseling with OneLab's nurses or doctors via video, telephone or our messaging function.
    • Recommendations and guidance

      Recommendations and guidance for increased well-being through a behavioral change for the employee.

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