Healthy Place to Work

Companies that actively work for sustainable health for all employees create conditions for a sustainable future - for people, businesses and society.

    Sustainable companies are created by employees that feel well

    Companies that strive to create a healthy and sustainable workplace by working preventive and active with health and the work environment can become a Healthy Place to Work, powered by OneLab. By helping employees avoid health problems, conditions are created to be an attractive workplace with high productivity.

    A healthy workplace benefits everyone - the employer, the employee and the society. That's why we want to give this award to all companies that actively work to create a healthy and sustainable workplace.

    Criteria for receiving the award:

    • 1. Mapping and survey

      You must have completed at least one digital health check or health examination to identify and map health risks in the organization and among employees.
    • 2. Follow-up on health risks

      A medical team has helped employees with identified health risks with measures they can take themselves for increased well-being and to avoid future health problems.
    • 3. A preventive health work plan

      There must be a plan for continuous and systematic work regarding the organization's work environment and health issues.

    Do you meet these criteria? Or do you want to know more about how we can help you create a sustainable workplace?