• About our screenings

  • Will my screening require any preparation?

    You do not need to fast or change clothes, but it is a good idea to avoid stress, major physical exertion and large amounts of caffeine before your screening, as these can all affect your blood pressure.
  • Should I avoid medication befor the screening?

    You do not need to avoid taking your medications before the health examination. You can take your medications as usual according to your doctor's prescription.
  • What happens afterwards?

    We send the samples for analysis to an accredited laboratory, the same one used by the Swedish healthcare system. The results are always reviewed by one of our doctors. When the test results are available, you will receive an email from us stating that you can log in with your BankID at onelab.se. There you can see your results, get tips and recommendations and access to material that can increase your well-being. If we identify a result that could represent a health risk, you will receive a message asking you to make an appointment with our medical staff to review the results and what you can do to improve your results.
  • Where are the screenings carried out?

    We usually come to our clients’ workplaces, but sometimes we offer them at our clinics. If you can’t make it to your screening, we can provide you with a home test kit, using a simple finger prick blood sample.
  • Who conducts the sampling?

    It is our own nurses who carry out the sampling. Then the test results are analysed by an accredited laboratory, the same one used by the Swedish healthcare system, and are always reviewed by a doctor before we send them to you.
  • I am pregnant - can I participate?

    It is fine to do the health examination during pregnancy. This can sometimes lead to changed test results, for example changed cholesterol values. If you want to, you can tell the nurse on site that you are pregnant and we can note it in your medical record.
  • I’m afraid of needles. What can I do?

    We have a lot of experience in taking blood samples from people who are afraid of needles. Just let the nurse know and you will be given extra support.
  • Is participation voluntary?

    Participation in OneLab's health examinations is completely voluntary.
  • Can I buy a health examination from you directly without the involvement of my employer?

    No, we only offer our services to companies as they are connected to the working environment.
  • About our tests

  • What blood tests are included in your health checks?

    The samples vary, and the content depends on what your company has agreed upon with us. Feel free to ask the nurse when it's time for your health check. However, we never test more than is necessary. Please click "Our health tests" in the page footer to find a complete list of the tests included in each package.
  • How often should I do a health check?

    In order to be able to follow up and systematically evaluate the results, it is good to examine your health regularly. Our digital health check is good to do 1-2 times a year, and the physical health check with a blood test and blood pressure is enough to do once a year.
  • About the digital health check

  • What are the questions based on?

    The digital health check is based on clinically validated question batteries, which means that the question batteries have been researched to make the correct assessment for each health area. The question batteries are also used within the Swedish health care system today. The health check is also dynamic, which means that the questions are determined based on your answers to previous questions in the survey.
  • About the platform

  • Are the counselling calls with OneLab voluntary?

    Scheduling a consultation with our medical team is completely voluntary. The conversation is based on what you wish to talk about and on your needs. If you feel that you already have the support you need today, you can ignore our messages regarding booking a counselling call.
  • Is there an additional charge for booking a counselling call?

    It is completely free of charge to book a consultation with us at OneLab. You can book up to three calls during a year. If you need help, you are most welcome to contact us. You easily book an appointment in the platform via the app or desktop, where you have a full overview of all available appointments.
  • Which information will my employer see?

    The health examination and the digital health check are subject to medical confidentiality and your employer will not have access to your or your colleagues' personal results. Your employer will only be able to access aggregated results in order to be able to direct work environment efforts according to the needs of the employees.
  • How can I opt out of notifications from OneLab?

    We communicate via email and SMS to ensure that you receive all relevant information regarding your health examinations, bookings and test results. If you wish not to be contacted by us, please contact info@onelab.se.
  • How do I ask OneLab to delete all my data?

    If you wish for us to delete your data, please contact us at info@onelab.se.
  • How can I share my results with a doctor in primary care?

    Via the employee platform, under the "My health" view above the test result, you can select "print". Via this function, it is also possible to save your test results in PDF format if you wish.
  • About the results

  • How quickly will I receive my test results?

    As soon as your test results have been analysed and reviewed by a doctor, you will have access to them, which will be about a week after the test. You will receive an email from us as soon as the results are available. You reach them by logging in to onelab.se.
  • Can I be sure that my results are accurate and credible?

    The laboratories we use are accredited medical laboratories - the same ones used by regular healthcare centers and hospitals. So yes - you can be absolutely sure that the results are correct and credible.
  • Are the results confidential, and who can see my results?

    All data we collect is strictly confidential, and personal results and data are never shared with anyone unauthorised. Medical data is kept confidential and under the utmost care. Only our nurses and doctors who do the analysis have access to the results. The same rules apply to OneLab as in public care. We are a registered healthcare provider with IVO, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate, and our operations fall under the Health and Medical Services Act.
  • What happens if you find something unusual in the test results?

    Our doctors review all test results. Should something be discovered that requires medical follow-up, you will be contacted by one of our doctors or nurses. We always follow up on values ​​that may pose a health risk.
  • Can I do follow-up testing with OneLab instead of my doctor within primary care?

    Depending on how our agreement with your employer looks like, we carry out health examinations at your workplace at different time intervals. If you receive medical advice to follow up on values that emerged after a health examination with us, we will in most cases refer you to primary care, or alternatively another health care institution depending on any available resources via your employer. This is because medically abnormal values often require follow-up within a shorter time period than the next health examination is planned at your workplace. OneLab's service includes counselling sessions with a registered nurse and with a doctor if needed. Our registered nurses provide advice related to various health areas based on your results and guide you on where you can best turn for possible follow-up or the need for further help at another healthcare institution. We have information about any resources that you have access to through your employer in addition to the services that we can offer, which allows us to help you get the right help according to your needs and your health.
  • Can my primary health care center get a remittance for me from OneLab?

    Since OneLab is an occupational health care provider, we cannot offer remittances to primary care.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, just get in touch with us at info@onelab.se.

OneLab is registered as a health care provider with IVO, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate. It is legislated by HSL, the Health & Medical Act, and the company is run by physicians and other experts with extensive health care experience. For more information, see About us.