• About our screenings

  • Will my screening require any preparation?

    You do not need to fast or change clothes, but it is a good idea to avoid stress, major physical exertion and large amounts of caffeine before your screening, as these can all affect your blood pressure.
  • What happens afterward?

    Once you have registered with us, your tests will be analysed by an accredited laboratory and reviewed by a doctor. Should any of your test results worry us, we will call you. In any case, you will receive a personal health report with individual recommendations.
  • Where are the screenings carried out?

    We usually come to our clients’ workplaces, but sometimes we offer them at our clinics. If you can’t make it to your screening, we can provide you with a home test kit, using a simple finger prick blood sample.
  • Who performs the screening?

    Tests and blood sample collections are usually performed by our nurses, and the results are always analysed by our accredited lab.
  • I’m afraid of needles.

    We have a lot of experience in taking blood samples from people who are afraid of needles. Just let the nurse know and you will be given extra support.
  • About our tests

  • Which blood values do you test?

    The tests vary according to what your company has requested. For more information, see Our tests.
  • How often should I undergo a health check?

    It is up to your company how often health checks will be carried out, but we usually recommend annual assessments to be able to follow up and systematically evaluate results.
  • About the results

  • How soon will I receive my test results?

    Once your results have been reviewed by a doctor, they are compiled into a report, together with your personal recommendations. This can take a week or so.
  • Can I trust my results to be correct?

    We work with accredited medical laboratories – the same one used by public healthcare providers and hospitals.
  • Are the results confidential, and can my employer see them?

    Your individual results and data will never be shared with unauthorised parties. Your medical data is stored with the greatest confidentiality, according to the same regulations as in the public healthcare system.
  • What information can my employer see?

    Your employer will receive a report with overall, anonymised statistics for the whole company.
  • What happens if my test results indicate a health risk?

    Our doctors review all test results. Should any results require a medical follow-up, you will be contacted by one of our doctors or nurses. We always follow up results that indicate a significant health risk.

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OneLab is registered as a health care provider with IVO, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate. It is legislated by HSL, the Health & Medical Act, and the company is run by physicians and other experts with extensive health care experience. For more information, see About us.