A survey of the organization to identify health risks, before it's too late.

With modern and innovative health surveys, we help you identify physical and mental health risks among your employees.

    Health mapping with digital health survey

    Our smart digital health survey, we examine and map both the organizational and psychosocial work environment as well as the physical and mental health of your employees. The survey is based on proven and validated research and contains dynamic questions that are adapted based on what the person answered previous questions. It takes about 10-15 minutes to answer.

    Health examination with our medical team

    With blood tests, blood pressure and ECG our medical team examines risk markers for, for example, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and heart fibrillation. What we investigate depends on what needs we have identified in your organization. However, we never investigate more than necessary as we do not want to create unnecessary anxiety.

    Our licensed nurses and doctors will execute the health examination on site in your office and it takes about 10 minutes per employee. We will book your employees and manage all the administration.

    Perform the sampling yourself with our home kit

    If you do not have the opportunity to attend the health examination on site, it is possible to obtain a sampling kit and perform the blood test yourself through a stick in your finger. Our analyzes are always carried out by authorized laboratories, the same as those used by the public healthcare.

    Safety and quality first

    In order to draw relevant conclusions – without creating unnecessary worry – it is vital that our test analyses are of the highest quality. They are therefore always carried out by accredited laboratories that are also used by the public healthcare system.

    We use strong authentication methods, as well as the latest security and encryption technologies to safeguard your employees’ data and ensure that it is stored in accordance with current legislation – including, of course, GDPR – in our CE marked portal.