Our health checks help map your staff’s wellbeing and work environment for better, more strategic corporate health management.

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A health investment that pays off

At OneLab, we believe that health, work environment and profitability are all connected. So we created a modern corporate health solution for companies who want to help their employees feel healthier and perform better.

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Identifying risks in time

OneLab’s health checks not only provide you with a better picture of your general health – they also help identify and address potential risk factors at an early stage, before they turn into an actual condition.

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Advanced laboratory technology

Our targeted health checks include analyses of fundamental health parameters and work-related risk factors – for instance noise, ergonomics and psychosocial health problems – as well as other risk factors that can be affected by a risk-filled work environment, such as blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and inflammation. We use only the most modern equipment and proven, reliable laboratory technology.

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