A preventive health partner for sustainable businesses

Early detection of health risks and active follow-up by medical experts. Modern corporate health for a sustainable future.

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How OneLab works

  • Health checks and screening

    Early detection of health risks by examination of the physical and mental health of your employees.
  • Health counseling and support

    Health counseling and professional health support with a nurse or doctor for employees with discovered health risks, or if the need arises.
  • Health advice and self help programs

    Based on the results the employees will get customized recommendations and practices in order to improve their own health.
  • HR and manager support

    HR and managers will get access to manager support with analyses, trends, and suggestions for efforts that could improve the health of the organization.

Johannes - 43 years, lawyer, father of two toddlers

“After the video call with the nurse at OneLab, I realised it was time to hit the brake so I wouldn’t crash. I received help and now I sleep better,  can handle stress better, and also my patience with the children has improved.”
What illness costs
Number of employees
Average salary
45 000 SEK



* Sick pay for 4 days according to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's calculation model, the cost for replacements, and loss of productivity.

High costs for ill health

Early detection to address the health problem means less risk for sick leave and long rehabilitation. A healthy workplace benefits everyone, people, businesses, and society.
What our clients say
  • Nathalie Spennare
    HR generalist, Triggerfish

    "We have a management that understands that it is the employees who create our excellence and what we deliver to our customers. This means that all employees are highly valued and that there is a strong sensitivity to the importance of working proactively to prevent ill health and to find ways to catch individuals if they are unwell."

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  • Viktoria Rosén
    HR Manager, Sala Sparbank

    "The digital health check from OneLab gives us a deeper understanding of the health of our employees. We get clear insights into which areas we need to focus on to increase the health of the organization."

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  • Lars Lindblad
    HR Manager, Jungheinrich

    "We realized that there were several things we could do ourselves to improve the health of the employees, but also that we needed a collaboration partner - an external party - who could help the employees who have health risks to take care of their problems themselves by seeking care or doing necessary lifestyle changes.”

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  • Martina Wester
    Projektansvarig, Nordlo

    "If there is something we can change, clarify and work on organizationally to continue developing our company and our employees, then we want to do it. The health examinations with OneLab have given us a confirmation of a gut feeling that could not be answered before. It has given us insights into what we need to focus on and spend more time and resources on.”

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  • Sanne Oldbro
    HR specialist, Bankgirot

    "We want our entire work culture to promote physical, mental and social well-being. It benefits not only the individual but also Bankgirot as a company. We wish that our employees want to stay with us and feel good on all levels in life. We are convinced that this also attracts new talents and leaves an impression on our employer branding.”

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  • Petra Segerdahl
    VD, Verahill

    "It is extremely important to constantly work on the well-being of the employees, and it is not possible to work too much to be a healthy workplace. OneLab's service has been a valuable tool for us."

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