About OneLab

We help people to better health. Every day!

    Our vision: Sustainable health for all employees

    No one should get work-related health problems. At the same time, a new survey from the Swedish Work Environment Authority shows that every third employee has health problems linked to work. And statistics from the Swedish Public Health Agency show that almost every fifth Swede has ever been diagnosed with depression, and that it is almost twice as common among women.

    Actively working to create healthy workplaces is therefore an important part of preventing ill health. A work environment that is not only good but also health-promoting contributes to increased productivity and benefits both the individual, the companies and the society overall.

    Our mission: With the right health efforts at the right time, we create favourable conditions to create a sustainable future. For people, businesses and society.

    With modern and innovative health examinations, we help companies identify the physical and mental health risks of their employees. By detecting health risks at an early stage, we can find the right efforts at the right time to prevent illness and health problems.

    Preventive company healthcare since 2014

    OneLab was founded in 2014 and is one of the leading companies in preventive company healthcare today. We are a registered care provider with IVO, the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, and our business is subject to the Health & Medical Care Act.

    By combining digital and smart tools with expertise from our own nurses and doctors, we identify complex health data that we use to find the right health intervention at the right time for those employees who show a risk of ill health.

      A dedicated team

      At OneLab we have great ambitions and are working hard every day to create conditions for people to get as high a quality of life as possible. With committed and determined employees, who are all specialists in their fields, we want to challenge the industry of company healthcare by working with proactive healthcare that makes a difference för real.
      We are a fast-growing company that is constantly looking for more driven and committed employees who want to join us in the fight against ill health.

      Open positions

      Novax invests in OneLab

      In February 2021, Axel Johnson's investment company Novax joined as a partner in OneLab. Novax is a long-term and active partner for growth companies which is helping to build successful enterprises and contribute to Axel Johnson’s future by investing in small and medium-sized companies, and supporting and developing them.