A leader in corporate health

OneLab offers smart, modern health checks that help map and improve employee health as well as identify and address potential work environment risks. By collecting, analysing and converting complex health data into simple, clear reports, we create a valuable foundation for a long-term corporate health strategy.

OneLab was founded in 2014 and is one of today’s leading companies in preventive corporate health management. We operate in both Sweden and many other European countries.

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Why choose OneLab?

We offer both basic health checks and tailored solutions to fit specific work-related needs and identified risks. We handle the whole process – from employee information and blood sample collection, to results and follow-ups.

Our analyses provide employers with a clear and comprehensive overview of work environment risks, employee health and tools for improvement, without compromising on personal integrity.

We have our own doctors and nurses, and our analyses are without exception performed by accredited laboratories for maximum safety, reliability and quality.

A dedicated team

We are passionate about creating healthy, sustainable workplaces. Our doctors, nurses and other co-workers are specialists in motivating both individual employees and entire companies. Do you want to be a part of our team?

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