Identifying risks in time

OneLab’s health checks not only provide you with a better picture of your general health – they also help identify and address potential risk factors at an early stage, before they turn into an actual condition.

We can quickly and confidently determine whether you are at risk of any of the most common lifestyle diseases, e.g. cardiovascular disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, but also stress and mental health problems.

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Your personal health risk profile

Once your company has requested a OneLab health check, we will e-mail you with a time and place for your screening. After your results have been reviewed by our doctor, you will receive a personal, detailed health report with specific tips on how you can improve your health. Should any test result be particularly worrying, we will contact you directly.

Your individual test results are handled anonymously and are subject to medical confidentiality. Your employer will be provided with an overall report with anonymised statistics for your company, so as to be able to identify and address work-related health risks.

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A step-by-step guide

  • Scheduling

    We send out invites well in advance with information on when, where and how the health check will be carried out. If the suggested time is inconvenient for you, it is usually possible to reschedule your appointment.

  • Health check

    The health check is usually carried out at your workplace, but it can sometimes be offered at one of our clinics or done at home using a self-test kit. The specific tests included in a health check vary according to the health risks that your company wishes to identify and address. Each sample is then analysed by an accredited laboratory. In addition to the tests, you will also be requested to fill in an online questionnaire.

  • Follow-up

    Once the test results have been analysed, each employee is given access to their own personal health profile. Those with particularly worrying test results are contacted directly by our doctors and nurses. The statistics are also anonymised and compiled to create a risk assessment for the group or organisation as a whole. Individual test results and questionnaire answers are subject to the same standards of medical confidentiality as in public health care.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Will my screening require any preparation?

    You do not need to fast or change clothes, but it is a good idea to avoid stress, major physical exertion and large amounts of caffeine before your screening, as these can all affect your blood pressure.

  • Who performs the screening?

    Tests and blood sample collections are usually performed by our nurses, and the results are always analysed by our accredited lab.

  • I’m afraid of needles.

    We have a lot of experience in taking blood samples from people who are afraid of needles. Just let the nurse know and you will be given extra support.

  • Are the results confidential, and can my employer see them?

    Your individual results and data will never be shared with unauthorised parties. Your medical data is stored with the greatest confidentiality, according to the same regulations as in the public healthcare system.