Terms and conditions

  • About OneLab

    OneLab is registered as a care provider with the Health and Social Care Inspectorate and the business is subject to HSL, the Health and Medical Act.

    Other important laws governing OneLab's operations are the Patient Safety Act, the Patient Data Act and GDPR. The Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) is the authority that oversees OneLab's operations.

    OneLab AB
    Torsgatan 13
    111 23 Stockholm

    Org no. 556970-4264

  • Data controller

    OneLab is responsible for the handling of your personal data. GDPR is applied to the processing of personal data. The Patient Data Act applies when healthcare providers process personal data in health care, e.g. in patient records. The purpose of the laws is to protect people from violating their personal privacy when processing personal data. See our privacy policy for full terms.

  • Medical information

    According to the Patient Data Act (2008: 355), all care must be recorded. Your personal data is therefore needed to conduct a survey. The data is entered digitally in the patient record. The personal information you provide will only be used to complete your current health check and for any continued contacts in the case. Your data is stored and processed digitally according to our requirements for security in a database and stored so that we can meet your wishes and your expectation of our service.

  • Who can access the results?

    Like all information related to your care, our results are covered by medical confidentiality. All healthcare personnel have a duty of confidentiality and we apply internal privacy. Only those who are involved in your investigation have the right to access this if needed.
    All handling of information provided by a customer is protected under applicable law in order to prevent unauthorized access to your information. The information transfer between your computer and OneLab is encrypted and meets the healthcare requirements for security and privacy.
    All the storage of the information you provide, the exam answers the doctor receives on your samples and the statements that the doctor writes to you, are done in the safe manner prescribed by the regulations and laws. Your personal information is protected and OneLab safeguards your personal privacy.

  • Consent to retrieve information

    You have the right to change your consent for information collection at any time by notifying us. It is also your right to limit your consent that only certain information may be provided or that only certain healthcare personnel may collect information.

  • Direct access and access control for computerized record keeping

    OneLab uses an authorization system that limits who has access to your medical data. Permission is given only to the staff who need access to your journal to fulfill their duties.

  • Referral to other care units

    When referring to another care unit, you also concede that competent personnel at that care unit have the right to access the information about you that is required in order to decide on your continued care or treatment.

  • Right to information according to GDPR

    As a customer, you have the right to know which of your personal data OneLab processes, from which this data has been retrieved, the purposes of the processing and to which recipients the information has been disclosed. You are entitled to such information upon written request to OneLab.