A health investment that pays off

At OneLab, we believe that health, work environment and profitability are all connected. So we created a modern corporate health solution for companies who want to help their employees feel healthier and perform better.

Our services allow your company to identify and address potential work environment risks and hidden work-related health problems. We provide insights into your employees’ overall health status and wellbeing, as well as suggestions on how to help improve their health and reduce sick leave.

Our health screenings are simple and safe, with a high level of participation. The results – a detailed health profile with clear statistics and concrete measures – are usually highly appreciated by both employers and staff.

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What our clients say
  • Markus Kullendorff
    Founder and chairman, Benify

    OneLab is the Swedish leader in corporate health checks. A very smooth and efficient way of working preventively with corporate health, before the problems and costs become too great.

  • Therese Donati Hanngren
    HR coordinator, Grant Thornton

    Modern, fresh and simple. With OneLab’s services we increased our participation rate from 62% to 92%. Many of our employees have expressed their appreciation for the health check and how smoothly we handle the process – from scheduling appointments in employee calendars and on-site screening with a friendly nurse, to reports and follow-ups.

  • Kristina Bergman
    Regional manager, Länsförsäkringar

    We have only received positive feedback on OneLab’s health checks, which is reflected in the high participation rates among our staff. Our employees appreciate the fact that we take their health seriously, and we feel secure knowing they will be helped if their results indicate that they are at risk.

Identifying risks in time

One in ten employees have unidentified work-related health problems that may eventually lead to serious conditions – from sleeping problems and mental health issues to cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and burnout.

Mental health issues are currently the leading cause of sick leave. The road back to a normal life situation after a burnout or a depression can often be long, difficult and costly. However, it is often possible to prevent mental health problems with relatively simple measures – provided they are introduced in time.

OneLab helps your company identify and address hidden work-related health problems – both physical and mental – at an early stage, before they lead to long periods of sick leave. You will be able to track the overall effects of the changes you make, as well as developments over time in each area of the organisation.

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Which measures, and where?

A comprehensive overview of your employees’ health status and risk factors will provide you with a good foundation for both general preventive measures and more targeted support.

A first health check often reveals a small group of high-risk individuals whose test results indicate the need for an immediate medical follow-up. We also identify a larger group in need of lifestyle changes.

The second health check usually shows a major improvement in both groups’ overall health. While this is partly due to medical intervention where needed, it is also an effect of providing the employees with inspiration and encouragement to make positive lifestyle changes – for instance support in improving diet and exercise habits, but also implementation of corporate healthcare programmes, or action plans for reducing stress in the workplace.

A step-by-step guide

  • Scheduling

    We send out invites well in advance with information on when, where and how the health check will be carried out. If the suggested time is inconvenient for you, it is usually possible to reschedule your appointment.

  • Health check

    The health check is usually carried out at your workplace, but it can sometimes be offered at one of our clinics or done at home using a self-test kit. The specific tests included in a health check vary according to the health risks that your company wishes to identify and address. Each sample is then analysed by an accredited laboratory. In addition to the tests, you will also be requested to fill in an online questionnaire.

  • Follow-up and actions

    Once the test results have been analysed, each employee is given access to their own personal health profile. Those with particularly worrying test results are contacted directly by our doctors and nurses. The statistics are also anonymised and compiled to create a risk assessment for the group or organisation as a whole. Individual test results and questionnaire answers are subject to the same standards of medical confidentiality as in public health care.

Our tests

Frequently asked questions

  • Which blood values do you test?

    The tests vary according to what your company has requested. For more information, see Our tests.

  • Who performs the screening?

    Tests and blood sample collections are usually performed by our nurses, and the results are always analysed by our accredited lab.

  • Where are you located?

    OneLab's headquarters is located at Kaptensgatan 6 in Stockholm, Sweden. OneLab also has local representation in London, UK.

  • Are the results confidential, and can my employer see them?

    Your individual results and data will never be shared with unauthorised parties. Your medical data is stored with the greatest confidentiality, according to the same regulations as in the public healthcare system.